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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOXNEWSW  December 15, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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making the show possible, please set your dvr so you never ever ever ever is an episode of hannity, and fruit we can do this all the time every time every time, but in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled, stay tuned laura and ingram and the "the ingraham angle" is next, and have a great night. >> i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight, running on empty, that is to focus on tonight angle. i once tory carter our eye out today, and revealed how weak the democrats political position really is. nbc news is reporting that biden allies plot 2024 strategy focus on trunk. even if he fades away. okay here's a little part from it, laissez is ron desantis and knotts trump is a republican
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nominee that's what i think has been a long time for the fund-raiser, i don't think it's a heavy lift to make desantis, and to but okay, let's get this straight -- the democrats are nothing to talk about biden's great accomplishments that are in any dan sharp how about things are getting better because they're not. and they can't talk about the successes at the border because there are none, or how crime is gone down because it has not. so instead, they cannot talk about how democracies at risk. fascists are on every corner, january 6, in charlottesville. and of course, chuck trump's trousseau chose post about the reverse of the 2010 election. now of course c.h.o.p. is adamant that he never said and he does not believe that the constitution should be suspended or terminated. but his posting was not wise. and unnecessary because he gives a pop father to his political enemies of both disparities, but if you really want to know what trent thinks about the constitution, look at the judges is put on the federal bench. they are jurors who bring in
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allegedly philosophy to the cases. so what republican should take from all this, is how empty the democrats 2024 basket really is. what are they have to run on? well courtesy of divided inflation, real wages are down, household wealth is down, sky-high food and energy costs are dragging everything down. in the recession is right around the corner, or it's already here, and the wind the ukraine, that is a drain on our taxpayers and that is not going well. oh and by name or names personally very unpopular. that is the checklist by the w way. so, on and on and on. this is bad news for them. so what next? they cannot want on any of this. nonetheless, dr. jill is reportedly feeling like her husband has the wind on his back for 2024. who cares if he so frail, it's gonna blow over the wind, but
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sure jill may be 83 right after election day but as long as the media keeps protecting him why would he run again? well, it's a tough spot is in it for the democrats the smart ones among them, no that they are in a box. >> biden just turned 80 years old, there are many democrats who think he should not run for second term like a new generation will be better equipped to combat a donald trump is a republican nominee, -- >> and most voters, they did not want children. they think he's too old. he doesn't have the energy. then again, if he doesn't run and who else did they really have to run? i mean nobody thinks, a lot is up to running things -- will have a disqualifies her. but then there's governor gavin newsom. he is really the only guy they have the california itself is in a mess. remember it is losing population not a good trend. and it turns out that people
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really do not want to pay exorbitant taxes only to wake up to the guy injecting heroin on the front porch. >> get them out here -- and then you're killing these kids -- in the kids can even go to school without saying all this. >> is a hard sell. and no, pete put a jay's happening either. he knows nothing about everything. which would make him a perfect candidate to be president of yale maybe. and yes, there is always correction and witness what marv wish again and governor of illinois who both just got reelected and popular in the home states. but neither has any national magic you know that i see them playing all that well in the south or the parts of the midwest. so they have it, right now, an 80-year-old man who needs assistance walking off the stage, is their best bet in 2024. now imagine being that party?
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and with their leak 2024 strategy sessions, democrats have revealed what we knew all along. that this was never about getting rid of chum, it's his ideas and policies that they feared. first because they were, and second because they take power away from washington, give it back to the people. they want to keep the power right here in d.c. their real target in washington is the old america. they want that dismantled. by turning our schools into factories for racial and propaganda. by attacking the primacy of the nuclear family on multiple fronts, and by remaking the country with millions upon millions of new illegal immigrants, that they welcoming. by the way, anyone who disagrees with them, or they just penetrate like they treated trump. ron desantis, mike pompeo, even mike pence lookout.
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stand in defense of god, family, and country. and you are on the blacklist. now party with ideas and candidates that inspire and excite it doesn't need tentacle strategies are slash and burn tactics like this, if they really think that they're going to convince americans to go through another four years of the client that the next two years or they to suffer through, and that they gonna do this by harping on trumps social media post, in january 6, i think to be sorely disappointed. republicans have a great senate map in 2024 and a number of candidates with great resumes, terrific ideas that were, in real experiences. and that is the angle. joining me now is kelly conley, for immersing the consul to president trump, enter at-large large and a spectator in charlie hurt, all three are fox news contributor's. kelly and the start with you,
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what is narrative come from? that the democrats, they have all the momentum. head and into 2024. given what i just laid out? >> he came from democrats, comes from the difficult including their neighbors in the media look at super silly to speak and it's wishful thinking they are stuck with this guy in large part because keeping him in, hands o off the 2022 campain trail help the democrats gain a seat in the senate, and nearly lose the house. so, and 2024. brandon harris cannot escape campaigning for biden and ha harris. curry california kim and marilyn, him and union station and union station ladies and gentlemen is not a swing state, it is not a swing congressional district is a train depot. and that's where they put the present the present united states to campaign 1024 is different but buddies got problems other than the 66% of independents and wanted to run. in the 66% of seniors that say his to run. i think the bigger problems and
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is pulling his disapproval ribbon is down again, and his approval and economies done again, and only 20% of americans according to the cnbc people believe that joe biden's policies on inflation actually helping with inflation. in august or so, they pass this inflation reduction, and you find me time democrats in the senate who voted for that inflation protection act, who actively ran on voting for the innovation reduction act. in chuck can range is real, there is no vaccine or booster, to real disease -- and guess what, intentionally for their election is very simple. as a referendum about joe biden. in any senate opponent all these bad policies. >> senator schumer thinks that he can pass this next spending bill -- with bipartisan support watch. >> a year long on that this is the best and most ballast option to fund our government. in an omnibus is the most balanced approach because it will contain priorities both sides want to see. funding for ukraine. let us not work together again
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to implement them fully. >> charlie mitch mcconnell is giving chuck schumer just what he wants. going into the next year. republicans will have no leverage of the house to change pretty much anything up until october. but once again, the unit party strikes. >> yes, and it's absolutely appalling especially in a moment like right now where republicans should have the upper hand especially in a fight like this. to demonstrate how they intend to govern differently. even if that means not giving, the government are not giving democrats what it is that they are seeking to do. and i think, carrie is exactly right. voters understand this they understand that the reason that they're paying so much more at the grocery store right now is because a democrat policies that is causing inflation. one thing i do have to say though, about that i admire and what democrats are doing is their ability -- and their desire to not talk about ideas because they're wrong on all the
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ideas, but the desires to pin every candidate to donald trump. and republicans made a bigger stake in this last election, they failed to pin every single candidate out there running to joe biden. because that, in reality is what all those people were doing, although democrats are running to be a rubber stamp for joe biden. joe biden's popularity is low, missing to be even lower when he has to go out there and defend himself. and, i think that republicans -- i think republicans and then i a hard going to be suited to have a tremendous victory in 2024. but, they could have had a bigger victory this time if it they had succeeded attending every single one of those democrats to joe biden and his hapless policies. >> what then of course the senators voted to pass this, and again people watching this can't believe this is happening but they have a thing called a stopgap spending bill, i hate all this, it fronts the government till next thursday or
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friday, and then, of course they can extend the federal cash, but then the omnibus will be voted on and then i push this to at some point before the end of the year, is this any way to run a government? in all this republicans agreed to this because they want never-ending funding for ukraine that the supposedly winning that war until they're not. >> well, i don't think it's just about him, and also think is an indictment of the fact that we've had the situation in washington now for quite a long time. this is now a new occurrence. and yet, we continually just accept this reality of these massive spending bills, that nobody else has time to read that they're asked to vote on immediately. that contain all sorts of things -- >> why? >> because we have a dysfunctional leadership, and of functional and anti-conservative leadership within the public imparted that does not stand in any fiscal principle they are not willing to do what it takes or to take any kind of slings and arrows from a completely biased media that is entirely enough for the democratic party.
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and then it will not stand up for what they actually believe it in america should be set up with this. especially when it comes from this leadership class in the democratic party and the republican party. that spending on things that they will not be around to pay the bills for the. that they're not gonna be around to even see and that your children, and your children's children are gonna be paying for with out and into the future. and a diminished future for the american people. frankly, this is going to be offensive to all people on both sides because it is not a way to run a government is not a way to find a country. >> and 88 euros senator shelby, from alabama is delete quote negotiator for the republicans, are carignan conway mention gavin newsom as the others invited an option for the democrats in 2104. the political reported today, the white house corresponds it tweeted out that newsom is planning for january 6, back to january 6 inaugural address in
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sacramento. to be a large march to the state capital in the speech focused on defending democracy. kelly and there are reading from the same hymnal here. >> you know they do and it's so silly because what is he doing about the homeless, the drug crisis, and about his backwoods economic stay in california, you know what laura news flash, the rest of the country does not wanted to do california it's a beautiful state and we state umbrella visiting it but what is his argument for import or export that to the rest of the country? by the way the only reason they talk about gavin newsom now, as an heir to joe biden's number one the people, the 20 some people who ran against joe biden at 20 to an air freight to run against him again. where. will sanders mayor buttigieg? why does incumbent running against him? she did last time basically calling him a race is on the debate say. in the second reason to talk about newsom's because there will hero the left, the left of anti-promo, was disgraced out of office. in a silly reason to talk like newsom, but it shows you how to turn the benches are, not
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benches fold we have so many republican governors reelected this time, with overwhelming margins. in florida, but also in south carolina, georgia, and texas, and iowa, and tennessee. they are wages executive and those are the kind of policies that people are looking for. look, the tennessee team this chump versus bad install if you bid and ask for a third party, but i think the whole election needs to be about joe biden eating and owning his bad policy. >> piece speaking of his per point coach riley, a lot of people think that they did better than they expect in the senate in 2022. that that portends the same train, and 2024. wise 20th 24 different obviously this presidential election, but the basic campaign provided, especially up against strong policies and the other side, in the truck where there traps agenda. how can he possibly survived that? >> i think the most important one is the point you just made which is the fact that he cannot
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hide from the selection he has to engage in some way even if it's just from his basement over tv. or whatever. it is just to be far more about joe biden. joe biden is unpopular, but there are other reasons that i think they dynamic is gonna be very different. when as you point out the senate map is very different, and is far more favorable to republicans. i think if that something like nine democrats having to defend seats, in competitive or republican states. but the last thing is, that the reason why the republicans did not do as well as we thought -- or the reasons why democrats -- should republicans into his mother as we expected into is for some reason they fail to close the deals. but that does not mean that there isn't an enormous frustration out there. there is no much frustration out there and we see it every day, your god and the rest of the puppetry outside a d.c. in washington the frustration is real. and it is probable. and for some reason that did not come out in this election. but it is going to come out.
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the next time he has to come up is 2024. in a predictable tool, into a enjoy. >> thank you and thank you and great to see all of you tonight. and it turns out the rain in washington today was measurable, but it wasn't all because of the weather. we're going to explain what these two men had to do is a plus, the rnc has responded to the income angle about accusations that they misused funds died ronna mcdaniel's tango, we will react in moments.
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>> the consent of the site read stay published a report today documenting the rnc spending over the past two ye years. now, it's analysis showed that since 2017, millions were blown out private jets limos luxury retreats and broadway shows. in the piece goes on to note that a significant number of transactions seem to be misclassified for example, nearly $5,000 was spent in 2022 and luxury athletic land lululemon. i was classified as an offer and expense, as were two expenditures totaling 9,300 at madison square garden in 2017. while in response, the rnc has denied any wrongdoing. according to glenn mccall, nrsc member from south carolina
7:22 pm
it's gross reese smith's massive mentation of how the ends he spends money. and he is outraged by the falsehoods in the article published in the dark of night, which was written he says by client of meat daily. joy to me, his civil rights attorney in harmeet dhillon. in rnc committee woman running for rnc chair. i should add this in a statement to the ingraham angle tonight, a spokesperson for ronna mcdaniel, as the following i guess you can reference you, this blog poses is blatantly false as the lies that she you, have been spreading that rnc members are being brides. the votes. is getting pretty nasty out there your reaction to this? >> laura, thank you for having me, and it had not seen a series of anonymous emails in the dark of night. were sent out attacking my conservative bona fides, and i think you've known me for at least 35 years or so, though so really got a nasty in this race
7:23 pm
which is unfortunate, because i am betting for the future of the parties to make sure that we are able to win elections. so yes, i know jennifer, she is actually a great reporter who has a first -- who broke the k.d. hill up a surety that got k.d. hill to be forced to resign. and i represented in the case against katie hill. and so, i think we should be focusing on the facts here, and this story, from what i can see is based on sec reports. so is what the rnc reports out to the government. so, at the end of the day, is the big new $700,000 in floral arrangements? which is better than he has divorce level decoy. and i think the bigger story is a waste of money that is spent on consultants inside the building was very upset if my calls for an audit of the rnc. and of all the cozy consulting relationships and vendor relationships. that have cost us i would say
7:24 pm
hundreds of millions of dollars over the same six year. and what do we have to show for? we have three consecutive cycles of loss. and so, there's a lot of pearl clutching at the rnc over the idea that anybody would trade promises for enough support and actually does happen regularly and many members told me that that's politics. and people are upset at the gambling going on in this establishment. but i think what people are really upset about her losing elections. and they've been very vocal in the last couple of days about this. but i do not think anybody would think about the floral arrangements are the lululemon's, or anything else. if we had been winning elections. so, it tends to -- i think it's a lot of money, so i think it's a fair question and the use of the money. >> so they're saying that run our winning a fourth term, a fourth term while question is a
7:25 pm
done deal. while the texas g.o.p. in the road and nebraska g.o.p. of the republican party of arizona, they are all calling for mcdaniels recognition. one decided that in nebraska, to rescind the previously stated support for ronna mcdaniel, is this the beginning of what could be -- what could be many more? resentments of rescission such as say support? >> well, here's a fact for you, at the beginning of last week when i announced my run, yes ron i would know her physician had listed a hundred and seven members. some of them can't vote, there turned down as chairman so i think it's kind of misleading to meet lake louise and his people for support of the result. in some of them have told me that they never agreed to put on a list of endorsement and there are upset about it. some of them change their mind because there is a competitor. some of them are really turned off by an anonymous attack emails, neoliberal. in questioning why, i am
7:26 pm
running. and really -- there are consultant -- if that's right. their employees of the rnc threatening reports in it that i've heard about. and, you know -- they should be running a campaign with staff and i think we should keep it clean to talk about her record, and the fish of the party. i think this what this campaign should be about. >> will backer, is it never a time to sort of change, the change of the guard. i mean everybody has to move on after a. of time unless you have such stunning success is just undeniable, i'm a wicked appreciative with her to be fair about this a cover every angle. now whether you want to help them or slung them, grown men who cry at the drop of a hat have become part of our modern american story. and tonight we remember o one in particular. >> now, a free savored the trap and share their stories for years to come.
7:27 pm
in that spirit -- of chasing the american dream. >> a shot of the american dream -- >> yes john bay no trying is as much a washington tradition is the cherry blossom festival. in the former house speaker extensively of a public it was back in town to honor his own pal nancy. and remind us of the days when he really was only a unit party. >> they been incredibly effective as the leader of your caucus. you know the younger generation today has a saying, game recognizes gain. and the fact of the matter is, know this because the house in the modern era, republicans or democrats, has wielded the gavel with such authority or with such consistent results. they just say, you're one tough cookie, mike rose told me,
7:28 pm
please tell the speaker -- how much we admire her. as you can if you couldn't tell my girls or democrats. >> while the apple does not fall far from the creek. the waterways never fail us, joining us now american majority ceo ned ryan, ned you know what i think? how do we even survive that i made during his tenure he recovered of eric tenure, and their number of establishments that the district decided to go away, but the speech was pretty good summation of the g.o.p.'s failures to stand up for the working people was it not? 's they want absolutely, i mean -- the easiest escalation for that embarrassing episode was that maybe he smoking too much of the product is pushing as a mariano lobbyist, leah whitelaw, that was a summation of decades of failed republican leaders craving leadership, much rather grovel at the feet of their political enemies but instead of standing up and fight for the american working class.
7:29 pm
but he really is representative of a lot of republicans in d.c. will come, want to have a good career in d.c., have great expanses, maybe even be a speaker, and then go be a lobbyist, make a lot of money and move on, democrats on the other hand their religious zealots political powers, their religion. it come to d.c. actually did gain political power and crushed enemies and the implement their freakish innovation for this country, and that's what they're doing. instead they have careers like, robust and others in that situation laura know be nice if he can start to get more republicans in d.c. who actually believes in something, who believe that it was worth fighting to restore the republic and ministry for state and stand up to democrats and the young american left and say no. when i can concede everything geographic in a fight. hand is pretty amazing what we have gone through, and chuck really highlighted how bad republican leadership if you can call it leadership -- has been for decades and set the party and really nice if we saw a lot
7:30 pm
more america first leader standing up that only in congress but in other offices around the country. >> and i'm so glad you mentioned the bait and move to lobby on behalf of marijuana, companies, because you know he came out against marijuana and of course when he actually had to be held accountable for his vote. when he was in office. and then they dangled some money in front of them, and he said -- i see the benefits of -- there's a lot of benefits medical marijuana. and that also tells a story of d.c., regardless was happening to the kids of the carnage out there, he's just gonna go for the money. >> yes, and that sadly a lot of republicans, they do their time in office and then they move on down the k street and then they get to the big lobbying contracts that is really their principal is about the green. it is not about this country is about how much money they can make afterwards and to do that, to be able to do that, they have two in some ways be controlled opposition. if they do get this straight lobbying gig. they see a lot of republicans falling for that.
7:31 pm
not doing what they were sent to do and actually representative of the american people and fight for their priorities. >> cut spending ned, they need to cut spending in order to get this economy back on track. they have to do it. and of course -- >> it's not rocket science. >> i mean reagan understood it, ned great to see the and thank you for keeping race. spilling up next we're live at the border, and what he saying on the ground ahead of the end of title 42, plus a sock shocking armando bacot on tape, the woman who was held up next with a message for sick chocolates leaders three say here
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>> that video was shot by the next guest, from the mickey's kiss inside, and it shows a huge
7:37 pm
smash of migrants lined up, and of course they are waiting for title 42 to expire, and thus they just can enter the united states without fear being turned away at all. but tonight, some news broke on a separate issue that might help flow. this is a huge blow to the biden administration of federal judge just ruled that trump's remained policy, which sent certain nonmexican citizens to enter the u.s. back to mexico as they wait for their immigration hearings. that must remain in place. joining me now live from el paso's julio rose sofitel hall. julio, the biden administration never wanted to keep a remain in mexico and hated it because it actually worked and they want an open board obviously. do you think this can have any major effect? regarding what you are seeing on the ground which is staggering. >> at the moment, i do not think so because you have to remember that a lot of people have been waiting since all the
7:38 pm
way back in may when title 42 was supposed to be gone back then before a judge said they had to stay, there's been a lot of people waiting for next week to come to pass. and so, i don't think the news will reach them that remain in mexico will be in place, at least for a little bit. and i think the reason why we are seeing massive fresh right now even a week before, is because people are tired of waiting. and they've definitely wanted to take advantage of the policy that the veteran administration put in place as the guard's office >> julio, what is people coming from? i know everyone thinks is just guatemala and el salvador a few south american countries is the truth about the various places of origin for these migrants. >> when i was in the forest for the past few days i met people from ecuador, people from columbia, either met a man and his wife, and this child in there from china.
7:39 pm
they were chinese, and the deathly set out to me, and even just now, as we were getting ready f for the shock, just rigt over to my right here, for nicaraguans hopped over the older buddha fence, and there there is an el paso police officer and he's called border patrol, that just shows how busy this area has been for the past couple of weeks, and really it is just a wait-and-see, a lot of venezuelans right now they are mainly staying in mexico because fortitude does supply did them, and for those i've spoken to in the past couple of days they're ready for next week so they can come over. >> secretary mayorkas with the republicans want to impeach, was where you are an el paso in the past couple of days. and he met there with border patrol agents. and they did not go well curio one agent asked, or stated, they asked him why he staying at the border, saying the border is secure when we have no agents in the field. in that same agent said he had the nerve to respond that he never said the border was se
7:40 pm
secure, and i wish i could see into her age and size -- were lifeless. julio... what are the agents telling you? i can imagine a life of the border patrol agent looking at this mass of humanity, that you showed a net video, we were short again in a moment. >> i mean, the ones i've spoken to the agents all throughout the crisis they are absolutely demoralized and set up. with the lies that the bed what biden administration has told the american people because they see it every day. they have been through multiple administration some of them, and they seen the differences firsthand. and so, for a lot of them it is insulting that secretary mayorkas, would say such a thing which he had said time again in front of congress that they have operational control, that it is secure. when you know, from what we seen, much of the chips out there and this past week that it is not secure in any tradition of such.
7:41 pm
>> don't you think that's obvious. i mean, this is ridiculous. this is a complete travesty from beginning to end. this is purposeful, they wanted to do this. and anyone watching who's had a chance to watch fox and the other neck which would not cover this, they see was going on here. they understand it, julio thank you for being there and thank you for the video tonight. >> we have no confidence that perpetrators are being brought to justice. and we have talked to a handful of police officers nearby, and this incident and the previous incident and they said that they showed us shrug their shoulders, he jokes that make after 70 years of the life of the company faced. >> that was diana's son in law's describing what you're seeing on your screen right now. in broad daylight, and chicago's tony lincoln park neighborhood, she was robbed at gunpoint. diana said the thug demanded her purse or he'd shoot her and her dog. he snatched her purse and as you can see flood down an alley.
7:42 pm
then he says that he saw the man with his hand in her bag before he threw it to the ground and it wasn't till later, she realized that her car key was stolen, and she's also been carjacked, joining me now is that woman in a horrible video, diana, i have a lot of friends who live in lincoln park, and it's a beautiful neighborhood, historic neighborhood, what are chicago's political leaders, saying tonight? given what is happening with crime obviously will happen to you is being repeated all too often. >> it is, and laura thank you inc. you for having me on and thank you for the great things you do. i am -- the only reason that i am here, to talk to you, about this is because, if people do not show up and vote to change the leadership in chicago this is only going to continue to get worse. >> i am 70 years old.
7:43 pm
and my entire life i've never been months, and i take my dog out for two seconds to go on the lawn, and this is what happens. in the middle of the day, in chicago in lincoln park which is a beautiful neighborhood, beautiful homes, in people, invested a lot of money in their houses, and they pay a lot of tax money. to live there. and this is what's happening in the middle of the day. it is just not acceptable. >> diana there are a lot of folks i know in the area. and they are pretty liberal to say the least. i mean it is very liberal politically very liberal area. >> but they keep voting, they keep voting for these folks, mn at some point it's a definition of insanity is it not? you voting for other members of the city council -- and there
7:44 pm
are no changes. the poor police are outmanned and outgunned. >> we had a chance to get rid of our state's attorney fox, who had jussie smollett walk. and didn't get hurt out of office. and i don't want to be naming names but i have basically, just in september changed my residence to my house in lake geneva because my vote doesn't count in knowing it. that's i see. >> yes you are like others, and you have the resolve to the means i should say, to be because you have a home, and wisconsin but, a lot of people don't they are stuck there, especially other privet people, this has to change, thank you for speaking out, and his video was just another example of why things need to be different. in urban america. now, if you didn't think that the cdc needed to be disbanded.
7:45 pm
after hits her red neck and during a coven, wait until you hear about the internal email showing how it then over backwards to placate gun-control activist. yes this is the cdc, the truly shocking story up next. >> hello i'm mike mindel
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♪ ♪ >> you may have suspected that government bureaucrats were working with liberal activist, well, this next story confirms it. new emails obtained by a foia request is first recorded by a website the real oh, revealed how toadies of the center for disease control case gun-control activist. the cdc used to have stats on its website about defensive use. in the united states finding anywhere from 60,000, 22.5 million instances every year. while in a newly unearthed email, mark bryant, the executive director of the gun violence archives demanded that the cdc removes those figures from its website writing, that 2.5 million number needs to be killed, buried, that dug up, killed again, buried again. and attendant study had been published gun violence had been grounded to a halt.
7:51 pm
so, it isn't that the numbers are wrong, it is that they imperiled the gun grab agenda. but hey another activist they don't stop there because with the help of democratic steps senator gordon, in the biden administration they had a meeting with the cdc itself. now we do not know exactly what happened during the meeting, but this next email gives us a hint. in the cdc death by most tells three of the gun advocates from the meeting that they will make some edits to the content of the cdc website. to address the concerns in just a few months later, the numbers regarding defensive venues in the united states... proof... it just disappeared from the website. joining me now, as they that filed the request closed as boys zoo attorney for associates, close to the cdc, they still have not responded for this request for comment, but that
7:52 pm
any of this, this back-and-forth, with the gun-control advocates surprise you? >> actually you know, laura thank you for having me on and it is funny you asked that because when i got the document back from the foia request i filed in june actually told reporter who handled this that i was skeptical that it would even be a story. because it just confirms what i already suspected was the case. at the cdc has unfortunately been politicized when it comes to the gun-control debate. because they are -- the beginning example -- i've been doing this for a few years now as a lawyer for the pistol association. and we certainly don't get meetings with the cdc of the california equipment. so -- sadly as it isn't surprising that that is what happened here. >> now according to one of the emails that you obtain, part of the reason by the cdc made these changes is that its scientists determined that the original
7:53 pm
text that provided an estimate with a very wide range could raise more questions than it answered. inmate the most sense to remove the numbers on the fact sheet. but it is updated -- that's a big spread. 60,000 to 2.5 million. so is there any, legitimacy to that point? >> no laura, because it was widespread, a roof -- a government survey of the victim a survey, that came to results of 60,000 weekly variations of that into. but a step further have the high-end coming from the 1990s, from dairy client there is a lot of survey results in between that range, 500,000, 800,000, a million a little over a million, and it's fine to tell the public what the range is. now, with the edits not made to the website. you don't write anything at all. you would think that the cdc has never said anything about this
7:54 pm
and they even removed the link to their old report from 202013. which talked about the survey, and then went on a little bit greater length about the variety of defensive gun use statistics. and that was deleted of with a link to their own website. >> and they did so much descriptive pandemic response just go up the second amendment tool. let's just get that wrong. >> thank you for doing this up really appreciated. they live now biden threatens african leaders last bite explains.
7:55 pm
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>> laura: it was supposed to be friendly meeting biden had with african leaders in d.c. but then came the vicious threat. >> i told some of you you invited me to your country's i said be careful what you wish for because i may show up. poor relatives always show up. the wealthy ones never show up.
8:00 pm
>> laura: i look forward to the biden trip to africa because we are always looking for fresh material here on "the angle." that's it for us. set your dvr so you never took always stay connected. thank you for watching. it's america now and forever. check out our website at good stuff. "gutfeld!" is next. ♪ ♪ >> greg: happy thursday, everybody. yeah! almost friday. it's a fun day too. it's one of those special nights for us when we let you, th


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